Spouse visa Enquiry - Australian Citizen Married to UK Citizen

Hello !

If someone could clarify this for us, it would be great.

My wife is a British and Australian Citizen and i'm an Australian Citizen. We just phoned the immigration in ireland to confirm on what the requirements for UK Citizens will be if they want to work in Ireland. They are saying my wife needs a 1 year Job offer, only then i will get a spouse visa rather only then i can apply for a spouse visa...I believe it takes 8 to 10 weeks to get a spouse visa. Also i believe we have to apply for this spouse in Australia before we get to ireland. Is this true???

Also, can i apply for a spouse visa once i arrive in Ireland?? As an Australian citizen i don't need a visa to visit ireland. I heard stories of people from countries who don't need a visa to visit ireland can accompany the wife or husband and apply for spouse visa in ireland.. As long as they inform the Immigration Officer at the Border and explain the situation and also bring all the necessary paperwork along.

Is this true too??

Any assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.

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Cmon guys, there must be some Australians living here who were in the same situation.

Any chance you can bump on this thread to provide to Nav some clarifications please?

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Portgas D. Ace

Hi Nav, I am not living in Ireland yet but I am looking to move early 2018, my partner is Irish and we have had issues with NZ Immigration so moving back to Ireland. I am Australian and Kiwi, and I found a pretty informative place to get the info I needed, if your anything like me reading the different websites was very confusing!
Try contacting the migrant project, they have been super helpful trying to work through all the information.


Hope this helps you!

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Hi Chantalle :)

Thanks for your reply. Portgas has been very helpful. I contacted the Irish Consulate in Sydney and spoke to Irish immigration guys in Dublin. I've also checked few links. We got a good idea of what the process is now, however i will contact Nicola just to make things sure.

We planned to leave Australia end of this year. So it has been hectic :) but we will get there.



From what I could work out you can arrive into Ireland without any visas and then apply once in Ireland, I was hoping to get an application in before leaving but from what I have worked out you have to actually be in Ireland already. Migrant project was very helpful, more helpful than the Consulate or trying to search the websites. Good luck with your move!

Yes, you're right. Irish Consulate confirmed the same in Sydney. The process for people who get Visa on Arrival seems to be straight forward, however you got 90 days to sort visas for long term stay.

The challenge now is not the visa, it's the city, where do we live? Cork or towns nearby. This is proving to be one huge challenge.

Hi, sorry I just also realised that neither of you are Irish, my situation is slightly easier as I am marrying an Irish citizen so I can gain a permit fairly easily also.
I can't comment on Cork as I haven't been but I have been to most places and I loved it all, to live there very different. I will be settling in Kildare and looking for work in Dublin or Kildare.
Have you been to Ireland?

Yes, but my partner is a UK citizen as well, they have different set of rules for UK Citizens and UK is still part of EU (at least till 2019 or 2021)

No, never been to Ireland before, all the more difficult for us to choose the right place. It also depends on my partner's job, she is a doctor and it depends on where she could find a job and based on her job, we were told i will get a spouse visa and the case officer will consider giving me work rights at the same time.

We are in contact with Job Agencies, so far we've been given mixed messages about her job, as a doctor she might have to work in towns. We are looking at opportunities close to Cork, we don't mind travelling between 20 to 30 minutes away from Cork City. It's always good to consider other choices as well.

Would you recommend any other city than Dublin?

Is Kildare a small town?

Yes of course they do! I forget that Ireland is part of the EU :)
I really enjoyed Galway and Limerick and also Tralee, they are decent sized cities without being too large and living 20-30 mins away would be nice, Kildare is a small county just outside of Dublin and has lot's of little towns, I suppose it does depend entirely on what sort of lifestyle you want when you relocate. I don't want to be in a big city again, I have done my stints in Sydney and London and would rather work outside of the City and commute if needed. Ireland has a nice relaxed feel about it (I find) and you can easily get places if needed. Does your wife need to secure work before you head over? Otherwise you could go over and spend a couple of weeks touring around and getting the feel for the places?

Thats exactly what we are looking for, a small county but ready to commute to the city if needed. I will look at the places you suggested. We don't want to live in the big city either, like you we worked in big cities, had enough of big cities. 

Nice to know, Ireland is relaxed, our lifestyle involves, some decent restaurants, pubs and few nice bars, small group of genuine friends, a dog, a small house with a nice backyard, some decent little shops to shop...Oh! Need broadband :)  Overall a good small town feel, like the ones you find in England and Scotland :)

Yes, she needs to secure a job it makes a huge difference for the spouse visa even if you have enough funds to support yourself for a few months.

Well! We do have a PlanB, if need be after November we might look into, it will only push our deadline to move to Ireland by 3 or 4 months Max.

Yes I found it so easy to get around (but we have a car) and you can live out of the main centers and commute to everything needed! Most of the towns have 5 pubs :) and a supermarket and a few cafes etc. and then you can travel into the bigger towns for shopping. Don't worry most of Ireland has fibre! So no issues on connections. Yes, so found it very similar to England or Scotland in that respect.
Also cheap flights into Europe! Summer holidays in Spain, Italy and Greece, what is not to love about that!
Where are you in Aussie at the moment?

OMG! You guys are thinking like us..Are you guys like long lost distant cousins or something :)

Yes we want the similar feel like England, Small pubs :) Recently we were in Manchester for some work and went to Peak District for a Couple of Days, Bakewell, Chatsworth around that area..You can never beat pubs in England or Scotland..Just Awesome..

Yup ! Hop Skip and Fly you're in Europe or Fly into London and Train it, there are so many options, we have relatives in France and everyone in England and France are looking forward to us move to that part of world.. Brexit for some is scary but for us i think we will be okay....

We live in Sydney at the moment, cannot wait to get out of this place. Its expensive than London, people don't believe this.. Frankly we had enough of Australia..It's Far..It's Hot..It's filled with Snakes, new breed of Spiders..We want a different life so this move i know will be good for us..

What about you? Where abouts in NZ are you from?

I hear you, I lived in Sydney for 6 years before coming back to NZ, I currently live in Christchurch, so it's not a huge city but it has changed a lot over the past 6 years since the earthquake and it's a interesting place to be, it will be an amazing city again in probably another 10 years. Haha yes Aussie is hot and has far too many spiders and snakes. I couldn't agree with you more on the cost of living in Aussie it's so expensive!
It's a fantastic place to be Ireland/UK for travel etc. you can't go wrong!
I am very much looking forward to my move over.

I've been in Sydney for close to 18 years, Yes, i know all about the Earthquake in Christchurch in fact my parents and I were visiting Christchurch and we were inside that Church (as tourists) and precisely to the date after a month when the earthquake happened..It was a huge shock can never get over it..

Yup! The cost of living, spiders and that too they found a new breed of them, can you imagine!?? Snakes are like flies in Australia.

Yes, I'm looking forward to a new adventure and the All Blacks will always Ireland and England :)

Omg. I'm shocked to read all this comments.. As my husband used to love Australia.. And planning to relocate somewhere in Australia.. England.. Ireland or Hungary! :/
Though we r still confuse!
But seems Australia is big NO NO for me at least now.. As I'm really scared of Spiders and Snakes.. So does my Little Nuggets (my precious kiddos)  :proud

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