Registering a birth in Kenya

Hello everyone,

Have you had to or are you going to register a birth in Kenya? What was the experience like?

Who is required to register the birth, and where? Can it be either the mother or father?

What documents are usually required in Kenya?

How long does the process to register a birth take? Are there any time limits in which the registration must be completed?

Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


This link should explain what to do: … VwvAWe5Dhw

The main registration office is Sheria House in Nairobi, but you can go to your district registrar or Chiefs Office.

I understand that the children of foreign parents will acquire the citizenship of their parents despite being born in Kenya.


Birth registration can well be done by the hospital too by father.

Child will get nationality of parents through the respective embassy.


I just got done doing this. I went with my Kenyan wife to the US Embassy. The procedure was basic and very easy. With an appointment, it went smooth. We waited two years because I couldn't get an appointment and the one time I did they cancelled it. Nothing ever coincided with the dates I was present in Kenya.

We were told to come back and pick up the Passport and the rest of the documents. My wife did that without me. There is a small window that can be done. I think its like 10AM-1PM or something like that. They notified me via email that it was ready for pickup.

The social security card was stated to be in my hands via the mail in 6-8 weeks. We went to the embassy on July 16th and the social security card was in my mailbox in the USA on August 12. They process them through the Us Embassy in London.

It isn't that bad. They asked us a few questions and I guess the stamps of double digit visits to Kenya proved I was the father. I put together a massive folder of tax returns, receipts, utility bills etc etc. Never even looked at it.

Hope this helps


I was referring to the reporting birth abroad, which makes the Kenyan child a citizen of the other parent's country (CRBA). To report a birth in Kenya, that is done at the time of birth and you go through Sharia House as someone stipulated. I was referring to the important step of getting that child to be a dual citizen and therefore being able to come and go from Kenya just as easily as the one parent.

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