before the passing of the Constitution 2010 Kenyan citizens were not allowed to have dual citizenship. However after 2010 one can become a dual citizen either by birth  or registration(chapter 3 of the Kenyan Constitution 2010)
one does not also loose their citizenship status through marriage or its dissolution thereof(13(3))
To apply for Dual citizenship visit the Kenyan Embassy in your state and download the available forms requirement in the website.

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Also, if you are Kenyan born and have lost your citizenship for whatever reason, you can apply to regain it.

If you, as a Kenyan, gain the citizenship of another country, then you are supposed to make a declaration of this within 3 months of acquiring the second citizenship.  It is an offence not to do this and it potentially carries a fine of something like 5 million shillings and/or jail!

As posted above, applications can be made, in Kenya (at Immigration), or at the High Commission/Embassy.

It should be noted that the above would only be applicable if one had gained citizenship of another country that permitted dual citizenship.

Does anyone know what happens if you are a couple months late in declaring dual citizenship? I just realized this was a necessity and submitted it but was a naturalized US citizen as of August 2016.

Also, I will be traveling back to Kenya next week and am wondering which passport(s) I should use?


Potentially this is an offence, but in reality many people have been confused by the procedure, when, where, how to go about this.  I know of many dual citizens who have either not declared, or have left it very late.  i have not heard of any of them being taken to far!

Of course your situation is one which could well result in some immigration staff being willing to help...........for something small.

I believe that you can also make the declaration through the Kenyan Embassy - may be worth considering this route.

Consider using your Kenyan passport to visit Kenya.  If you have a stamp in your Kenyan passport to indicate your right to reside in the US, you can also exit Kenya with this passport.

Thanks for the reply. I am doing it through the Kenyan embassy so hopefully it doesn't become a problem.

I don't have an endorsement in my Kenyan passport. I am not sure the US offers that. What are your thoughts on me exiting kenya with my Kenyan passport but also asking them to stamp my US passport with an exit stamp?

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