Good consultant for getting work permit

I have an offer of job in Kenya. Can you people help me to provide me the contact number of a consultant who is expert in arranging work permit and have good track record of that. I will be very thankful for this and hope this forum member will help me in that. Please also mention his/her contact number and professional charges.



Try contacting PWC, I am told they also assist in work permits.

let us know what is your experience.

Nelly, 0723 120 345

PWC Nairobi they will also advise you the process, the cost, the red tape involved etc. the best part if they know for some you don't qualify they will advise you instead of putting you through the expensive process for nothing.
Working in the hotel industry in Nairobi I have seen many people conned by people promising work permits when they actually cannot obtain them. PWC have an immigration department that assist their staff going and coming for secondment so their experience in this area is vast.

nelz - 0723 120 345. works at anniversary towers. charges, she will give you quotation when u call her.

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