Consultant for registration of an International NGO

Dear all

Can anyone recommend a consultant/lawyer who has an experience and can help with NGO registration in Kenya?

Looking forward to hear from you, Lukas

Hey Lukas,i know of a good lawyer...i will inbox you his details

The following link might help you. I particularly draw your attention to point 7.

Hi Longonot :)

Thanks for the link, I have obviously got across it and follow the instructions. The point 7 is interestingly formulated though, because it is not really clear whether we need at least one Kenyan at any position or one Kenyan must be among the top three officials. Any idea?


My understanding is that there should be a minimum of 5 board members (all with KRA PIN).  A minimum one third of the board must be Kenyan Citizens, so in the case of the minimum sized board, two members (I would assume) would have to be Kenyan Citizens.  So employing Kenyans in other positions would not count - they must be board members (top officials).

I understand that the application process is quite lengthy.   This government is somewhat less NGO friendly than some of those that have come before.

I find no problem in our government doing the right thing. It is the most NGO friendly Government in the region. The only thing one needs to do is to follow the laid out steps, meet all the requirements,  full disclosure and your organisation is done. Understanding which sector your work falls under and alining yourself to avoid duplication would help.
If you are not clear on what you want to come and do, then you cannot blame anyone.

Hey, my name is Maulline. If you are still interested in registering an NGO, I know a lawyer from a reputable law firm  that you can go to. Just let me know.

Hello there. i am a lawyer in Kenya and would be glad to assist you if you need any help. if You still looking for an advocate kindly send me a message and i will give you directions to the office and also the requirements.

Thanks Mauline and Mwaniki for your response. We have already advanced with the issue in the meantime, but I do appreciate your help. Wish you best and keep up the high spirits.

Hi everyone,

@ mwaniki fraciah, do not hesitate to register in the business directory under Lawyers in Kenya so that members in need of your services may easily find your contact details.

Thanks in advance,


Myself and others want to register an NGO in January - i'd appreciate your help!


il do that thanks

Hey Fraciah,

Could you please send me your email - my email is *** Thanks.

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