Moving to KL next month- need 1 or 2 BHK Condo!

We will be moving to KL by mid October and am looking to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom condo(Preferably fully furnished) .

My office is located at Jalan Rajah Chulan area and so need to find a place with less travel  and close prximity ( 15 to 20 Min walk).

I prefer a Flat  with all utilities, internet, tv channels, housekeeping thrown in with one package price.

Jalan Raja Chulan is quite a long road. One end the option will be Suasana Bukit Ceylon or the few condos nearby. That is about the only housing area in the vicinity (Bukit Ceylon). Towards the other end you could look at Pavilion Residences. That area is more a Mall and CBD location. The other option would be Menara Pinang and surrounding blocks (close to the Conference Centre).  It depends where your office is located.

84, Jalan Raja Chulan is my office location. How about Brickfields? Normally what will be the rent? My budget is 3000 to 4000 MYR

Certainly don't advise trying to walk from Brickfields to Jalan Raja Chulan.  OK with that address you are almost opposite One Residency. There are quite a few places within budget in  the location. These would include One Ceylon and Seri Bukit Ceylon and any of the condos in Bukit Ceylon mentioned earlier. In addition, there is St Mary Residences, behind the office building in question.

If you wanted to live in Brickfields the Monorail service would take you from Sentral to Raja Chulan Station in about 20-25 minutes … Price=3500 … t%20Ceylon

Hi, saw your message that you will be moving to KL soon. My colleague has a new condominium unit for rent- rm1800/month. It is located about 8km (15min) from Raja Chulan/KLCC. If you are interested, I can share more information with you.
The below is the link: … s-now.html

Thanks for your guidance...

Have u get ur apartment ?

Not yet finalised..

HI vpchand, there are certainly options available within walking distance from where you mention your office is. When it comes to renting a whole flat, the landlord usually doesn't include utilities & housekeeping into the rental price. Tenants will have to arrange for these themselves. After reconsidering your available budget for rental, minus the utilities cost, should still be fine. Just depends which condo & location you'd feel most comfortable with.


Welcome to Malaysia.!!!.it is definitely a beautiful place.
We are Indians from Chennai..relocated  to Malaysia a year back.We are currently moving back to our home country and we have the water connection, internet and TV connection available..Since you say that you are relocating with your child the water purifier would be very helpful and safe.And also the internet and TV connection if you take a new one  would be a 2year contract...
If you are interested kindly let me know so that we transfer our contract..we have already served 1year contract and just 1more year left.
Kindly let me know if you are interested

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