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I am still considering a move to work in KL and my offices would be in Mid Valley City - where would you suggest I look for accommodation if I want to live in a nice area just outside the city and close to work?  I am single and enjoy sport/ the gym and having some nice bars /cafes within easy reach - but I am 40 so no party animal - I don’t really want to be in a busy built up area.  Any thoughts/ recommendations?  My budget is up to 5k but would be more than happy if I can get away with paying less - would love a balcony pool and a view if that’s possible x

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Please have a look or post an advert in the Housing in Kuala Lumpur section of the website.

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If your office is based in Mid Valley, then there are several options for places to live:

1. Bangsar - this is my favourite and where I used to live.
2. South Bangsar - Has an LRT train station and new shopping mall near station.
3. Sri Langit Condominium - old but well maintained large size apartments.
4. North Point - joins with Mid Valley so perhaps too close to work.

The best is Bangsar if you will be driving or taking a taxi, but if not South Bangsar is good because you can take a very short train ride to work.

South Bangsar is on another train line than mid valley. Living there would mean going to Sentral and changing to the Kommuter Line back towards MV.

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