Travelling and parking in UVa

Hello all,
We are an Indian family, relating from Switzerland to Charlottesville. My husband and I are researchers.  He has already moved there and tells me that it is a beautiful place. However, one thing that is concerning both of us is that there are no free slots for car parking for the next few months in UVa campus. We have a toddler, who would soon start going to his daycare and it would have been convenient had there been a direct bus from our place to his day care, but that is not the case. In this  situation, the only parking slot available is close to our place, (3 miles from the campus), which means dropping our son to School first, then dropping me, parking the car back at home, waling to lab. This would make him lose almost 1 hour if not more.
I am not sure if anyone else faced similar situation, what do you do?
I would have biked, but a lot of people told him that C'ville is not an ideal biking city and taking Uber everyday would cost us almost 20bucks . Does anyone have suggestions? Please help me.

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A one hour commute is nothing uncommon and you say it is just temporary.
Look at your options when you are there. Can you really not take a bike to work? Can you make arrangements with other parents? Can you work something out with colleagues?  Can you move?

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if losing an hour only for parking and then walking would be easy considering that we need to spend at least 10 hours at work, parallel managing a kid. Pooling would be a good idea, need to explore that though.
Thanks, let me see how it turns out.

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