tips IRO cost of leaving,health and retirement government systems

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myself and the family are  presently in South Africa /from 25 years/, we decided to move -settle in Malta. I am with Accounting/Finance/Management education & experience over 25 years.My husband is with IT/Management education and experience.
Our son is matriculating AS level this year from Cambridge College in South Africa. We are with EU/Bulgarian/ citizenship. Please, can you give me some tips IRO cost of leaving,health and retirement government systems,as well as in which areas are the most affordable town houses to rent-long term? Thanking you in advance.
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As EU citizens you can live in Malta but you will need to prove you have health cover, some countries have reciprocal health agreements with Malta, I don't know about Bulgaria. If not, you would be covered here if you work and pay in to the system, otherwise you will need to have private health insurance.
You would not be entitled to any retirement benefits here as you have not paid into the system.
Cost of living has been covered many times on this forum and you will find info by using the search boxes at the top.


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