Convicted felon trying to move to Phuket

We are considering moving to Phuket from the US. The problem is my boyfriend was convicted for murder back in 2011.  He was not the one that committed the murder so he ended up doing 6 months and has been on probation ever since. He is coming to end of his probation this year at the end of August. I don't have any convictions.  So we were trying to figure out if this would cause any issues with us living there.

That's up to the Thai government.

Check with your nearest Thai Embassy but I think there is something in visa applications about nil criminal convictions.

Please inform yourself on the resident visa requirements on the Thai website or call the Thai consulate.
If you want to immigrate to Thailand, the Thais are strict and require a letter of clearance from your local police department saying you have not committed a felony or misdemeanor.   Your friend cannot get that clearance as he is a convicted felon.


Thank you

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