A retired USA citizen wishes to relocate to Egypt.

August 12, 2017:
I have been retired for five years. I am seventy years old. I am male in good health and well being. I am divorced and without dependents. I wish to relocate to Egypt in a few weeks or months - as soon as I think and know that I am ready to move and I have prepared for the move.

I plan to relocate with the bare minimum of personal items and physical possessions.

I wish to relocate to a community in Alexandria, Cairo, or Luxor areas. I wish to live in a secure building that is close to shopping, medical facilities and transportation (locally, within Egypt, and internationally).

I wish to eventually employ a housekeeper, a cook, and a caretaker.

I ask you to respond with your thoughts and suggestions related to my move.

hi Mr James , all what you want and plus a minor expat community with the local you will find all your needs in new Cairo, or Maddi, zamalek, Maddi is more popular and full of people such as zamalek is island in the middle of  the Nile of Egypt but new Cairo a gated community like rehab city

I visited Cairo Egypt 27 January thru 01 February 2018. I stayed in a hotel - the Grand Royal in downtown Cairo, in the Muslim district. I needed a very inexpensive hotel and I had that. Too much for too little. Can someone suggest an inexpensive hotel - less than USD 20 per night that is clean, safe and nice?

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