Wrong birthdate In Egyptian Birth Certificate

Hi there,

My son was born in dec 5 here in uae and the birth certificate processed in egypt is sept 5. (Egyptian birth certificate is needed to process his egyptian passport here in uae)

We return the document and ask my father in law (FIL) to directly contact the relevant office to amend the same.

Yesterday, we are inform by my FIL that they will not change the birth certificate. No other reason given other that they will not do it. They told my FIL after one month of waiting for the amendment of the same (

Will he have problem in the future? That his uae birth certificate details is not the same as his egyptian birth certificate.

Is there an office where you can complain about this kind of typo mistake and no action from that relevant office.

Because of his birth certificate is dated sept 5, we might pay here 4months penalty for delayed residence visa stamp (if they follow the passport birthdate rather than the uae birthdate).

Any advise?



I don't know, but I'd definitely fix that date if I were you.

Don't just send the birth certificate - you need someone in egypt to go with it - and push - take it from place to place, sometimes this is the only way.
Or in teh UAE - go to the egyptian embassy and sit down with someone there to explain the mistake - they are there to help like all the other ambassies
But why did you have an Egyptian birth certificate done anyway?
My daughter was born in the UAE - and we just have the UAE certificate and the british one - which was needed to process her british passport - thie was just a case of translating the arabic UAE one - then having one processed.
all my children have british birth certificates - but as long as the fathers name says his name and his nationality - then we have had no trouble getting an egyptian passport.

My ekdest daughters was done in the UAE - using the UAE arabic birth certificate!!

But now you have yourself in a pickle.

I have just spoken to my other half
he took UAE birth certificate (already in arabic) his birth certificate and passport some photos - my daughters egyptian passport was ready in less than a week!!

Sax :

I don't know, but I'd definitely fix that date if I were you.

We need it as it is a requirement to obtain egyptian passport.. An odd rules from my husband's country.
We ask my father in law to process the same, he keeps on going and following it for more than a month and they replied to him that they will not change it for no apparent reason. It's there mistake, we attached the copy of birth certificate from uae and they make it sept 5 instead of dec 5.

Egypt Embassy here in uae is also useless we waited for more than 2 months for them to process the birth certificate and it is wrong.. We already finished the 4 month alloted time by uae and now we are definetely paying some penalties..

We just decided to go on with sept 5 birth certificate or else we might pay more as egypt system is unrealiable :((

My husband is EGyptian!!

My dauhter was born in Abu Dhabi.

We didn't need to obtain an egyptian birth certificate in order to obtain the egyptian passport.

Like i said.
UAE birth certificate - which states the father and mother and their nationalities.
my husbands documents - passport & birth certificate.

ANd it took less than a week from the embassy in Abu Dhabi.
and photos of my daughter.

So we didn't see any odd rules at all - in actual fact we got the Egyptian passport in around 3 days!!
With not having to go out of the UAE for anything.

I will go to Abu Dhabi this week (as my husband have work) and will apply for passport.
I would be very happy if I can have passport as Dubai embassy told us it will take 1 month or more.

When did u apply for the passport?

Shall I approach someone there in particular?
Please guide me as I am desperate for this passport thing.


Let your husband go.
he is the one with the egyptian nationality - and it would be easier for him.
You have to make sure you get the correct dept. and speak to the tight people.
ALso if you know anyone who knows anyonew there that can help alot!!
As with everything Egyptian - it is who you know not what you know sometimes

That's the problem, we don't know anyone there..  Do you?
I'm thinking I will go as he already did his best here in egypt consulate (Dubai)

But I will try if he can go off at work.

If your husband can help us to get my son passport ASAP that would be so great.


He already give up to correct our son birth certificte  as he keeps on going and coming back on that consulate (egypt consulate in Dubai).

I remember a month ago,  I even called them and spoke with hiba (of egyptian consulate Dubai) and she told me last time that they need the egyptian birth certificate then once we he that we will wait for another month to get the passport and the passport application should be made in uae (not sure if Dubai only).

If i an get my son passport asap to egypt embassy in Abu Dhabi, I will travel and get this done.

You can try to send a private message to The Egyptian ( ). I think he can give you a good advice.

The question has also been asked on another forum and got loads of replies - probobaly from some of the same people!!

We did go to Abu Dhabi, unfortunately, they also required the egyptian birth certificate. :( and it is also one month for processing :(


1- you have to get a birth certificate certified by the Egyptian Embassy In Abu Dhabi.
2- make a LEGAL AUTHORIZATION for the  father in law (FIL) from your husband.
3- the the  father in law (FIL) have to go to the Civil Registry office.
4- he have to make a Family Register for the husband and your name must be there as his wife.

5- after all that he takes the documents and request from the Civil Registry office to correct your son birth certificate date.

best Regards

Hi checking
Like many others....another blooper.

Birth certificate date and all other documents including Egyptian passport has one date BUT since the electronic system came in, passport expired and needed to be reissued but thats when we found out that the date on system is different. There is no ID card so not able to verify which date is correct (month, year is same).
So from overseas how does one try and fix this knowing the bureaucracy and lengthy time delays?

My suggestion is to go to your consulate, they will fix it for you.  It's not a big problem for them

Thank you. They are in another state so will contact by email and see what is required (its an expensive cost/time trip).

Previous visits some years ago frustrating....very slow and not helpful at all. Made us ask what is the point of them being there as more a hindrance then help everything having to go to Egypt anyway for decisions to be made.
Seen kids move/react faster 😅

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