Monday mornings - open-house coffee get-together

Expats in Penang - get together to chat over coffee EVERY MONDAY 10am-noon at Brown Pocket Cafe, 6th floor Gurney Paragon. It's not affiliated to a specific organisation or group. Expat men and women, established or new arrivals, are all very welcome to join in. Local friends are also welcome. No reservation needed, just come when you are free. Whether we are few or many, it's a nice way to connect with people living in Penang like you!

Hi, will this be on next Monday, August 14? Please kindly confirm. Thanks.

Yes, it's an open-house event and takes place every Monday. The group gather on the far left of Brown Pocket as you walk in (slightly round the corner). The group is easy to spot. People tend to arrive at varying times but some are usually there from 10-12. Welcome. Sometimes participants will go on and lunch together. It's not mandatory, but rather spontaneous.

Thanks for reply, much appreciated. I am a returning expat....I am a Malaysian but stayed abroad as an expat spouse for the last 16 years. My husband has retired and we came back for good in April.
Thanks again.

Hope to see you on the 14th. There are quite a few couples that take part, some with Malaysian spouses. The size of the group does vary (it's summer holiday season right now). Many are retirees. Please feel free to invite friends as well. It is an open group, just started to get people together on a casual friendly basis.

Hi, we arrived in Penang just 2 weeks ago from Australia and would like to come to the coffee morning.
Whereabouts do you meet please?

Hi Gravitas,
I just read the whole post 😀
We look forward to being there on Monday.

Look forward to seeing you. The quickest way up to the 6th floor at Paragon is by using the external lifts which are located just outside the Paragon Mall main doors - the ones that exit to Jalan Kelewai (not the waterfront side - the other end of the complex nr back entrance to H&M). The lifts go straight up. Access to Brown Pocket is across the open courtyard when alighting from the lift.

Thanks for the info.

Bumping this up - Monday 14th August (10am-noon) the get-together will take place as usual at Brown Pocket, Gurney Paragon (details above). Please feel welcome to attend. The easiest way to access the venue is from the two lifts outside the back entrance to Gurney Paragon (Kelawai Road).

We will be at Brown Pocket as usual - Monday 21st August - everyone welcome

A warm welcome to everyone who would like to attend the next MONDAY morning coffee session on 28th AUGUST between 10 am and noon at Brown Pocket Cafe, Gurney Paragon.

Coffee get-together as usual tomorrow, Monday 4th September, at Brown Pocket, Gurney Paragon between 10 and noon.

See you all tomorrow morning - 10-12 - Brown Pocket Cafe

Monday morning coffee meet-up as usual at Brown Pocket Cafe, Gurney Paragon. Everyone is welcome.

Just a reminder that the Monday weekly coffee morning at Brown Pocket Cafe will take place tomorrow (25th September) from 10 am until about noon. Everyone is most welcome to join the group whenever convenient.

Here is the usual reminder for the weekly coffee meeting which will take place on Monday 2nd October from 10 am until about noon. Everyone welcome to come and meet old and new friends.

As usual, the Monday coffee group meets tomorrow (9th) at Brown Pocket Cafe.

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