Hello Everyone!!!
My name is Antonio (21 years old) from Italy and I'm so glad to meet you on this forum. I'd like to ask some basic information. Which citys in Québec are affordable to live?
Is easy to find job? I've worked in Netherland for two months. I like travel and I want to try new experiences ouside my Europe Country :) I started with my work-experiences when I was 17years old.
P.S. I know ....I must study French ahahahah. I speak English, Dutch and a little French. I'm able to understand French but It's not easy to write. Maybe to understand a new country I want to opt for some volunteer experiences in Québec and then ...find a job.
Thank you so much I hope some answers from you  :heart:

I plan to relocate to Quebec from India later next year.  I need a house with at least 3 bed rooms.  Since neither me, my spouse or my two teen aged sons know french, which area in Quebec would you recommend and what would be the cost for a 3-bed house in a good family area.

Sherbrroke is a easy city to live in  Québec with cheap rent and friendly environment,  except that it is difficult to find a job with little diploma or little french. The living cost in Montréal is more expensive but there is plenty of job. There is a big Italian community in Montréal, so it could be something that you want to take a look at. You also can chose to stay at the suburb of the island, the traffic would be something that you need to consider. You can live anywhere in Québec if you have white skin and blue eyes ;).

I would recommend Montréal or Toronto. Montréal is more comfortable and easy going city. The rent with an apartment or house with 3 bedrooms would cost around 1500$ depend on the area. There is lest expensive option if you chose to live at the suburb of Montreal, but you will need to consider the traffic. Tax in Quebec is higher than Toronto but there is less service fees. Job is easy to find neither you are in Montreal or Toronto. Sherbrooke is a very good city for a family with two big university, one in French and one in English and two big college. There is a lot of mountains surround the city so your family could have a small vacation for a weekend trekking and activities but find a job could be a challenge. The rent in Sherbrooke is the most cheapest place in Quebec. You could find an apartment with 3 beds room for around 600$. Saint-John-sur-Rich-Lieu is a peaceful city but quite small. Laval is as great as Montreal but a bit smaller. Hope these information are useful...

Thank you so much Alexle for the reply.  It was quiet useful information.  I am looking to buy a 3 bed detached house in the first year itself as I understand the government allows you to buy with 35% down payment without any local income documents under the WELCOME CANADA package.   I guess Sherbrooke should be fine option. Or Laval.

Waiting to get the PR. Hopefully by June 2018.

Hi Miyer,

It is very great to know that you are looking for buying a house when you moved to Canada. It is a very great idea since you will pay for the house and at the end will have it instead of paying for an apt and get nothing at the end.
There is something that you need to look into seriously. It is true that you do not need a lot of franchise to buy a house since the banks will willing to lent you the money for it. The problem is that there is taxes on the house that you will need to pay every year depends on the area you are. I myself do not have a house so I do not know much but my ex's parent has houses in Québec and they paid around 3 grand a year because they lived far away from the center. They moved to a condo in down town of Quebec now but I do not know much about the tax they are paying.  The person I am sharing the apartment with now used to have a house in west of Montréal and the tax was 6000/year. Some of my friends who have houses seem complaining about expensive fees for maintaining it.  So if you want to buy a house, my suggestion is that you shop around and obtain good information about what you need to deal with to avoid surprises. 
Laval is also a great option, beautiful lakes and rivers. and also close to Montreal. I never really lived in Laval so I can not tell much.
I  wish that you will have your PR very soon. Canada is a very friendly country to live, but the first few months will be difficult because of the changing. There is communities and organisms which can help new Canadian. If you need further information, I will happy to help. I hope everything will be great for you and family.


Hi Alexle
Tnx 4 z info....very helpful
Wat r z possibilities 2 find a job in healthcare?
Can u recommend a few place of work?

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