Cost of living in Mississauga or Scarborough 2018

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Hope all of you are well. Could any one please share what will be the monthly living cost in Mississauga or Scarborough for a family of four (2 adults / 2 children) ?

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Your minimum monthly after-tax budget should be around $3,300 to $4,000 for a family of four living in Scarborough or Mississauga. For comparison, a single adult would need an after-tax budget about $2,600 per month. Source: Huffington Post 2/13/2018

However, these figures are highly subjective, depending on your family lifestyle and desired quality of life.

One of your largest monthly expenditures will be rent. Yes, a very basic, poor quality, two bedroom apartment can be found for as little as $1,350 per month (government subsidized housing area). But expect to pay $1,900 per month for a standard two bedroom apartment and $2,500 per month (or more) for a standard two bedroom condominium.

Thanks  a lot . Could you please give me breakdown of this cost , when ever you have some free time.

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