Security Clearance in Abu Dhabi


My employer has applied for Security clearance during last week of June 2017 in Abu Dhabi. I want to know how much time is required for to get the clearance. I have previously worked for semi government company in Abu Dhabi. I am residing here for the past 10 years.


Hey have you got your security clearance??

PS: I have applied for the same in mid June.

Still waiting. What about yours?

Me too  :(

Can I know your job profile you have applied for?

It is in Supply Chain.

Have you received your clearance??

yes, received.

When did you got it?

I don't know the exact date but received around 10 days back.

Hello! Can somebody tell exactly what is security clearance?


ya could you please tell about what is the meaning of security clearance?

Hi guys, could you please let me know if there's any indication as to how long such clearances do normally take?

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