Engineer Visa

I was offered a position of welding engineer in an oil firm and accepted as well. When I received the E work permit from employer to affix the signature I have noticed the designation mentioned was Welding technician,
Is that consider as an engineer visa or a technician visa? Will there be any issue to bring the family in UAE or any other stages.
I am unsure on the designations assigned by government authorities. Please advise.


Am sorry to say that your company has changed the designation which was in the offer letter or as per word. Everything will be based on the designation typed on ur visa. It will be hard for you to bring family in that designation. Also am sure that they will change the salary scale which was offered in the labour contract.  As you know technicians labour contract salary will not be matching with the engineers labour contract. So make sure what you were offered is available.

1 way is there to solve this after stamping visa you can apply for designation change. For that company need to give some papers and all. i doubt they might not help you for that, because good companies if at all they dont have engg visa category also informs the candidate designation change will be done in the future. From your words, i dont think they have informed you anything like that.

You might have difficulty in taking driving license also according to me if company doesnt support bec of technician visa.

Am telling all these from my experiences. What all is written in your labour contract will b the final. So check with them the details. Whats written in your offer letter? Is it a reputed company ?

Thanks for the reply, I have checked the designation lists of UAE labor and found that the welding technician designation required Degree. I can't found any engineer category in that list

Did they ask your attested degree certificate for taking visa ??

Yes they did. I have submitted my attested degree prior application submittal

ok then hope everything will go fine with u...All the best....

Thanks mate...Waiting for the visa approval.

Does anyone knows how long it takes to obtain the entry permit.?


Visa approval is depended on the P R can be received within 1/2/3 days...after submission....P R Os delay the submission also

If you have received your entry permit, your desired salary and all other things are fine,  then its all ok. Sometimes companies donot have specific visa so they use some alternate options. Just discuss with them and ask if there will be no problems with you in bringing family etc. Rest, after entry and visa stamping, you will be no longer required your visa category

Visa category should not be the issue just ask your employer about family thing as many occupations are not allowed to bring family. You can easily find that list in UAE govt website for immigration. Chk and confirm. Rest there will not be any issue

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