Abu Dhabi Security Clearance


Is there anyone that's waiting for an Abu Dhabi security clearance? I've been waiting for over 5 months. My attested documents were submitted by my potential employer in early August of 2013.

Just an FYI: The Abu Dhabi security clearance has to be issued before the employer can apply for the visa.

Hi, i am also waiting for a abudhabi security clearance, I have completed  3 months, still no news, can you update me your current status, have you receive you clearn


nishadirshad :

Hi, i am also waiting for a abudhabi security clearance, I have completed  3 months, still no news, can you update me your current status, have you receive you clearn


Hi Nishan,

It's been almost 8 months for me with no end in sight. So to answer your question: No, I have not received it yet.

My security clearance was delivered in a period of 4 weeks. Better ask to your future employer.

Hi Is there anyone who has applied for a security clearance recently? I have all my documents now only waiting on security clearance, then visa. Does a security clearance take 6-8 weeks? or has anyone gotten it quicker? I have received   a teaching post in Ruwais and is suppose to start in January.
Any correspondence will be appreciated. Thank You.

Hi There

I have been interviewed and my contract has been signed for a teaching job in Ghayathi at the GLENELG School of Abu Dhabi. I have submitted my police clearance, attested documents, experience letters etc. in November already and still waiting. They say they are going to bring the teachers over first week in Jan but nothing has happened to date. The process is very unpredictable and in my opinion quite slow - you simply have to wait it out and hope that you still have the job seeing as I have already quit my current job waiting to go to UAE!

Good Morning Nervousteacher
I have also signed a contract with Glenelg school but Ruwais campus and is also waiting on my clearance but I have not resigned yet. My documents was all completed including police clearance and sent off for security clearance by 27 November to be exact. I am also still waiting to hear if I am cleared. I know the feeling because I am going through it too. It is not a good feeling. Did you have any contact with the HR or head of school since? I had contact from head of school on 30 December saying that it will happen soon, we must just be patient. My email is: Vanessa.lewis[at] if you want to contact me. I have lots more questions to ask you and to stay in contact seeing that we will be close to each other.

Hi Nervousteacher
I just see now we have much more in common. I am also from Cape Town, first time travelling abroad and my husband will also join me later. Can I ask you who the agent was? But please pop me an email. I left my email address in the other reply. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi There

I will mail you! Thank you for your reply!

Hi Thank you awaiting on your email soon.

hi guys!!

i gave my intervie at abu dhabi media group in dec 2014 and got my conformation on email in march 2015. However there has been no update or clarity from my HR team as they have no clue what has been happening on the process. However my director of sales has been in touch and says things will happen. I have submitted all my documents for the same.

needed some guidance!!

Hi everyone .. Got my secuirty clearence done in 9 days .. I can see I am lucky .. Best of luck for all ..

I need to know is security clearance requires for govt and semi-govt company only?

Hello all,

Actually i got interviewed employer in nov 2016. They asked my documents for further process of clearence from tawteen. Its been 6-7 weeks now that they have submitted my docs but till now i havent got the clearence.

I would like to know how much it takes to get the clearence from tawteen.

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