Dentist in Guangzhou

Hello everyone!

My name is Robert, I am a dentist moved in Guangzhou from Romania, Bucharest.
I graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest and I relocated my dental practice in Guanghzou to be togheter with my wife!

I participated at many courses and congress in Bucharest,France and I have a very good team here in Guangzhou!

I speak romanian,english and french! Mandarine soon!:d

If one of you needs my advices,friendship or profesional support, I will be here for you! I am not looking for clients, I am looking for friends!

So,if you want to talk with me you can find me on wechat, id:robertbratucu and maybe we can meet for a coffee or some group activities.

Thank you!

Hi, what can You tell me about China+dentistry? :)
also pm'ed to you

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