Hello, new to China (Guangzhou)

Hello, my name is Jonathan I have only been here for a few days, I am a English Teacher and would like to meet people and make friends to explore China. Thanks

Hello Jonathan.

Welcome to! :)


hi jonathan. Did you have any luck in meeting ppl? I've been here a week now, and am actually going to go insane if i don't acquire a social life soon. I have travelled a lot, and taught in a couple of different places in Asia, and never found it so difficult to meet other ppl who are sticking around. ARGH!
I've even resorted to just hanging out in an Irish bar (no, i'm not Irish, I'm English) today, to people-watch and see if there was anyone seemed open for a chat. Fail. It's been pretty empty all afternoon.
So... basically... if you and/or anyone else fancy meeting up this week, give us a buzz on here and we'll get something arranged.
I started work this weekend, but haven't signed a contract yet. I'm meeting the boss again tomorrow, to discuss contracts etc, but tbh am not feeling ready to sign one yet, til i have found some kind of social life here. I loved my life in my last two teaching posts (Hanoi and Yangshuo) thanks to meeting great friends and social life, as well as the crackin' jobs. And want the same for my next step.

Anyway. Give us a yell if you're interested in arranging a meetup this week! Cheers. Nikki.

Hi Nikki!
We just moved to GZ this past July living in Zhujiang New Town. I know what you mean when you say it's incredibly hard meeting people! The Irish bars are good on the weekends.. Keep in touch! -Mandy

I was in Beijing for 7 months, and found the transition to GZ quite a challenge.  There are people around, though, just seems to take more effort to get in touch with them.  A meetup would be good at some time, let's set one up!

Hello all, I just moved to Guangzhou from London on wednesday. I haven't had much chance to explore the city yet but I would really like people to hang out with so I'm not a total loner during my 3 months here! lol! I'm working as a singer in a hotel in Tianhe. I'm really into music and I've heard ther'es a acoustic night in McCowleys tomorrow night. I have no idea where it is or how to get there but I think I might head down so would be cool to meet up with anyone else fancies it. I'l be the one sitting on my own looking longingly at all the people out with their friends! :-)

Trust me....i come here often and its so difficult to communicate. I will be here for a month and hope that may be here we find ppl to communicate and hang out to.



Hi everybody...
If there's any hang out or meet up activity,count me in.

Hello I'm from Turkey my living guangzhou ı want make Russian people frıend ı care about them

Hello Medenisaltik > just to inform you that this is an old topic. You might want to view the Guangzhou social network for more contacts. Thank you.

there are heaps of english teachers near taojin we meet up every week you can join us inbox me if you want im not sure if im able to write my phone number in the inbox however inbox me tho

Nice to meet you. I am in Guangzhou too.

Hello English teacher
I am senegalese and i have to come in Chine early May. I hope we will meet lol. Let me know when you do.

Are you ready to hang out with me ? I must come in China early May

Hi , I am native in GuangZhou,   find me if you meeting any trouble in GuangZhou.

HI AM STEVE ARE THERE ANY english teaching jobs you know of  over there? thanks

hey there , there are a lot of group open for expat in Guangzhou , don't worry . In the area got one organization called Harsh for hiking , if you're intereste in , we can join in it together

hey nikki,
your msg s quiet amusing so i gotta reply to this ;)))
actually im a local in shunde and i have some expat friends and none of em are facing this situation. and from my own experience, locals are more tempting to go to chat with foreigners so i believe your timing wasn t right so give it some time. im sure u can enjoy this city

Salut MOMO,
Je me nomme Aida, je voulai juste savoir si il y'a des senegalais las ou tu est, je voudrai avoir un guide dans la ville. Je viens des USA, ***

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