Engineering Test for Engineering roles in KSA?


I'm Mits, I live in the UK and work for a company which has locations in KSA. I have already received my offer for the role in KSa as an Engineer - Metrology. I have:

1> completed my induction,
2> had all my immunisations
3> received medical clearance

The only thing left was visa and release date. however I have now been told by HR that there is a test I need to pass! HR cannot confirm anything else other than this. I was initially planning on being in KSA by now as I already signed my contract in May, has anyone been in a similar position or know anything about this test? HR do no even know when, where or what typical content would be included in the test!

Any information pertaining to this would be greatly appreciated. I have looked online (SCE - Saudi Council or Engineers ) which includes details of tests (General engineering and also a specialised subject depending upon which field of expertise you are in). There is no detail on the pass criteria or which test wold be applicable!

Many thanks in Advance.


Hi mits what i know is only Aramco Company required a test for engineering called FE fundamentals of engineering
And that test they offer it two times a year

Hi Ibrosa,

Thank you for your reply.  I have since then applied for another job so no need to worry about the test.   I believe the vacancy is still there in the original role, shame as I could have easily done that job but no one in ksa could advise me when and where the test would be.   No point waiting as I could have been waiting for a long long time.   

Thanks for your reply anyway, lucky I no longer need to worry about the test!...

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