I am planning to move to BC for study

I want to know the economic situation of BC and if there is any part time jobs for international students and the cost of living generally. I need a sincere answers

The cost of living in Vancouver, compared to the rest of Canada, is pretty high. Especially housing costs - some of the highest in all of Canada. You may find part-time work but it could be difficult, especially considering the housing situation. Winnipeg has been popular lately with expats/international workers/students because our housing is relatively affordable and we have a lot of options for work. Vancouver does have better winters, though, and nicer scenery.


I really appreciate you for that insight. But I intend going to British Columbia province precisely  Thompson River University to study, is Vancouver part of British Columbia? what about the life in Prince Edward province please to compare the two.

Once again thank you

Yes, Vancouver is part of British Columbia. I believe it is BC's largest city, though BC's capital city is Victoria.  I am not very familiar with Prince Edward Island or eastern Canada in general. I believe the weather will be slightly cooler than BC, and there aren't any mountains. In BC, you have a good variety of landscape -- mountains, beaches, oceans, rain forests, and deserts.

If I had the money, I would move from Winnipeg to Vancouver in a heartbeat. It's beautiful.

Thank you very much sir for the detail. But as an international student there will life be easy?

Also, if you can please let talk on whatsapp because I want someone who can be of guide to me as I prepare to come there.

Once again thank you.

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