Looking for furnished apartment

Hi every body, i m moving to dammam in a few weeks. Looking for a furnished  one room apartment in dammam center  for one month or sharing a flat with tunisian girl. If you have any useful information please let me know.

we have hotel suites near dammam central hospital (king khaled street )  if u need .

How much does it cost for one month please

Any website to view the rooms ?

Check out

The prices are very high on would like something more affordable

Hi everyone,

@ NadaNadaNada,

Could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website ?

- Housing in Dammam

All the best,

Ok thank you

NadaNadaNada :

The prices are very high on would like something more affordable

It depends on the period you are travelling. It is summer here and prices are high due to summer/school holidays. Going for cheaper apartment will take you to lower standard and poorly maintained place.

I guess i will need this location by the end of august -beginning of september. May be that furnished independent apartments would be cheaper than furnished suite locations. But i dont know if they are safe. Thank you any way

Hi Nadanada,

Did you already found the furnished apartment in dammam?
I also have plan next month to find it.
Maybe it's more better, if you can share the information about that apartment.


Hello Andi, i m no more looking for furnished apartment, but there are plenty of furnished apart hotel in dammam and khobar

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