Gulf Homes Compound

HI all I am looking to see if anyone has stayed at or staying at the Gulf Homes Compound in Dammam and what you think of the place.  I am currently looking for a one bedroom apartment to stay.  Any help would be great thanks

Hi I live in a one bed apartment at gulf homes.
It's very clean, rooms are good size, I've been here around a month and a half and not lived in any other compounds but my main issues with the place are:- internet, there is none and when I first got here was really crap I couldn't keep in touch with people back home.
Male female segregation I don't get this thought compounds were western and didn't have This? Have been told it's cause the restaurant is open to the outside to try and make more money as it don't make enough of the residents (I have never used it so is a fair point?)
The gym, it's pretty rubbish if am honest, has a nice room with toilets and showers but with regards to equipment it's not great.
If your considering moving here ask to have a look around and ask about the above issues if they bother you but better to know now than after you have moved here.

Thanks for the info Jim.  I had a look around again today.  Its the best i can find for price and was hoping to get a mobile router for Skype and general internet use.  The bloke did say they were still looking into getting a solution for internet.  To be honest it ticks the right boxes just need somewhere to chill and i will be out most the time on sites.  All going well i might see you around.  once again thanks.  :)

If you have residency you can get a router from zain for sar150 with unlimited mb I have to have prepay and get 10GB at a time, would be good if they got Wi-Fi but now I have internet it's not to bad. The actual apartments are nice and staff are friendly you don't see any other residents though it's a bit strange there are lots of cars but never see anyone in passing.
Hope all go's well and might see you around some time if you need any other info just ask.

Hi Phil,some of my friends are living in Gulf Homes Compound and i can check with them but if you are looking for other compounds to live i can suggest one of the compounds in khobar and arrange a property tour for you.If you need more details you can text me and i will share details with you.


Hi Omar,

I am looking for a furnished studio for about 30000SAR a month.

Do you have any l can see this week?


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