Getting Children into School

Ok so I have browsed the internet but obviously everyone's situations are different! So I hope this post is OK..

My son is 8 years old, he will be 9/10 when we finally move to Norway.
I was curious as to how I go about getting him into the education system and I know that it will obviously be a massive culture shock for him, but are they OK with non-norsk speaking children? I am trying to learn him alongside myself and partner, but it worries me as I read that all the subjects are taught in Norwegian and I guess I am just super curious as to how they would accomodate. Can the other children speak well enough English to communicate with him? Because he loves school and is really popular at his present school, and I don't want him to feel too isolated when we get there, as I am already taking him away from his friends.
Also, my 1 year old baby will be 2/3 when we move over, and I was curious as to how the daycare system will work for her. Myself and partner are both looking for full time jobs, and I was wondering if my job would be within the hours daycare provides? I would consider doing night shifts, or later evenings etc so that she wasn't left in daycare too often, but I am going from being a stay at home mum for the last 2 years to becoming a full time working parent again and its a bit daunting! :/

Also, what is a regular day at school roughly like? Just so I can explain to him how it works, and is there a schoolbus etc?

I appreciate any answers you can provide and advice etc is more than welcome :)

This is based on what I heard and seen so far.

I was told that for foreign kids that just "drop" in, the kommunal will arrange extra lessons for norwegian but I am unsure how you should inform the kommunal.

as for going to school, kids are usually assigned to go to school that is near to their home.  In usual case, the kids walk to school themselves in group.  I have never seen school bus picking up kids.  The only school bus i heard of are kids that are intellectually challenge or disabilities that needed help to get to school.

there is a facebook group for international mothers and older children.  I will pm you the group name.

oh, my husband's cousin's son was 6 years old when I met him.  He was unable to speak english to me back then.  He is 11 years old now but he has been able to speak to me in english (american accent) very well since 9 yrs old.  I think the kids here do speak english very well.

Thank you so much for your reply and message :)

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