KOC Work Permit How long it Takes

I was recently offered a job in KOC and I completed my Medical and waiting for my work permit from KOC?  I was just wondering as to how long this process takes. I am a US citizen and what other process is involved after this step. Thanks for your help.. Cheers

Hi Mate,
when did you sign the contract with KOC?

Hi John.. I was offered a job on May 4th in Houston.. got my medical done and sent in the 1st week of June.. I know its Ramadan out there and not sure when I will hear back.. cheers

Hi Katyreident,
As all said in this forum, the process will take 4-6 months from the date you singed and send the contract back. and off course in Ramadan month things get slower.

im in the same situation as you, will PM you.


John.. thanks for the information. I was told by the HR (KOC HR guys when the offer was made in Houston after the interview) who were there in Houston that I should be there by end of July the latest. Anyway I guess I have to wait it out.. cheers

Hi Katyresient,
Any progress on you work visa?

Nope.. Nada.. I haven't heard anything

Hi bud. How did you get on? Also in the same boat as yourself. Company saying the visa should hopefully be moving next week but it feels like they have been saying that forever.

Any progress on visa guys, waiting waiting and waiting, same boat, offer was made in April and now in wait more after medical which was sent in mid June.

still  same mate... in a week every week

They are saying next week again mate. I had to rescan my passport as they said my first one, (that was fine before) is not clear enough. So I'm hoping that I will receive my visa within two weeks. But who knows. Fingers crossed. Have you had any comms from your agency regarding delay?

The work permit not yet, but surprisingly getting regular updates from agency about next steps.. which tells me that it might be near..

"Unexpected reasons" is the comment from my recruiter. I am experiencing the same problem

Guys Relax.. you all will get NOC soon" inshalla" finally I got mine just today by DHL from india thru my agancy . Did interview back in Apr17. In Australia.

Since my last message I haven't had a reply from my agency. They have had 3 emails and I have called them several times. Literally they are just ignoring me. Heard the same thing from a few guys. They told me to go get my medical and stuff. I've got about a month and then it will be out of date for my Visa. Not ideal. Hopefully my visa will arrive before then so I don't have to pay for everything all over again.

Hi Guys,
Have you had any update? I am in the same boat as you, got an offer in Houston after May Campaign, sent my medical examination  a month ago , I haven't heard anything since then!!

Eventually got my visa at beginning of October. Had interview in Australia on May.

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