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Having commented on an earlier thread how great I felt Grab taxi service was, I have now changed my mind. On the that thread there had been comments that Uber often would say " due to peak demand the fees will be more'. Well Grab must have thought that was a splendid idea. I have now tried Grab many times since and overtime, no matter what time of day it was Grab offered such a price increase excuse. Do to high demand the rice was higher> however, every time during this so called peak demand the taxi arrive in about 1 to 2 minutes. How high could the demand be if the driver can reach you so quickly. Yesterday I swear he was setting outside the place I was wanting to be picked up. And the prices are not just a little higher. They are our the top crazy more. Fortunately we still have the old standby taxi companies that never change their prices do to demand at any type of day. So I am abandoning both Grab and Uber and going back to Vinasun and MaiLinh.

Grab offer coupon codes that you can use. For Grab car you might wanna use 'GP' and Grab bike 'GP10'. There are other codes that are randomly show up in the 'notification' icon as well.

Appreciate that. But I am going back to the old way when we did not have busy times and trickery. Vinasun is very good and never has peak prices. It was good while it lasted. I had a couple of very good experiences with Grab. Have no desire to fart around with coupon redemptions and all the txt msgs they send me already. Vinasun never gave me coupons or bothered me on a daily basis with text msgs.

If your taxi fare is to be reimbursed back by your company or can be included as company expenditure, it is much advisable to apply for the taxi card of VINASUN for Ho Chi Minh City. A discount of minimum of >3%~<8% will be given depending on the total amount spent. The actual amount spent will also reduced by another 10% with VAT invoice issued as amount spent are actually inclusive of 10% VAT.
In example, said 4 persons under a company had a total spending of taxi fare VND11,500,000 a month paid using VINASUN taxi card will get an VAT invoice by month end with around 10 days grace period to pay of VND11,000,000 assuming with ~5% discount and inclusive of VND1,000,000 VAT (10%).

The company can also gain small finance income by having short credit term.

So actual taxi fare expenditure is actually only VND10,000,000 exclude 10% VAT.

Near TET holiday got gifts send to company also:)

So the fare is actually much better than grab and uber in that way. Afterall VINASUN taxis are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City.


Have also given up on Uber and Grab

They were good when they first started but now they are a rip off

Now they always seem to be in the high demand mode with the increase in price so not worth the grief

And it does not matter what time of day..... you always get the high demand crap. Used Vinasun for years. Never had a high demand. Same price always. These guys won't last long with this model.

I always compare Grab and Uber, then make choice taking note of special offers. But beware, some Grab promotions are a bit sneaky. Small print will say "ride discounts will have limited redemptions daily".  :huh:

After discovered this, I've been a bit careful using Grab.

Grab has been stingy with their discounts lately. No longer a cheap hail-riding or whatever they are calling themselves these days. Some of their motorbike drivers are disgusting as well. Smoking while taking customer around and urinating on public sidewalks. A nasty habit that most Vietnamese can't seem to get rid of.

That's weird. I think they've been quite the opposite with their discount codes, regularly have 3/4 a week

Lately, I've been using Grab and Uber, cars and motorbikes.

Good prices compared to Vinasun and Mailinh.

good service as well.

At rush hour, they may cancel a booking and I may do as well.

With Uber if you cancel after a certain time period (say 5mins after booking) you can be hit with a surcharge that you must pay at your next booking. Grab doesn't have this but it does keep track of of your cancellations. I think the drivers are warned of customer cancellations, so they can choose to accept the fare (based on this).

Speaking of Uber, there was an incident where an Uber driver tried to rape a customer.

QuidProQuo :

Speaking of Uber, there was an incident where an Uber driver tried to rape a customer.

If only there was another source so I could make sense of that article.  :unsure

To all,

I had this problem last night...haha..
My friend and I returned by bus from Cambodia and requested Uber after Grab said due to high traffic time the fare would be double which would have been about 210,000vnd from Tan Binh to Binh Thanh...We then waited while the Uber driver passed on the opposite side of the road and continued to another district..  We were both tired and looked at each other and said Vinasun? At least, you know what your getting....


Maybe the driver sees foreign people. Usually,  from binhtan to binhthanh maximum only 100k. When you order grab, the price will show on. And no need to negotiate.

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