How to make friends in Gothenburg

Hey everyone I'm going to be vacationing in Gothenburg next weekend and I was hoping to meet some friends to hangout with while I'm there.

Hi All,

   I look for friend from Gothenburg. I have a trip next week and I will stay there from a couple of weeks.
   See soon... :)


Hey Guys ! My name's Mary. I don't live in Gothenburg but i live 60 km from it. Now i live in a hole in which i can't make any friends. I'm still very young ( 17 years old ), but i'm gonna have my 18th birthday in january so basicly i'm looking to hook up and go out to a club in a weekend or anywhere.

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Hej everyone!

I'm Portuguese guy living and working in Got since October. If there's anyone up to meet let me know :)

Great news from "Sweden was recently named the worst place in the world for expats looking to make friends" but "Seven tips for making firm friends in Sweden":

See you

hiii im in name is priscilla can we be friends

prylla osei :

hiii im in name is priscilla can we be friends

Hi all happy people,
I just found this page and there are really many great stories, questions and hopes out there.
I am swedish and live in Gothenburg.
If you are interested in making new friends, sharing hobbies or just share a single coffee - give me a shout :-)
I work in a central location and can easily show up :-)
Keep in touch and have a great spring

Hey there people!

My name is Miguel, I am 24 years old and I am an artist/musician from Portugal. I am a very easy to get along with person and very respectful. I'm also pretty quiet, normally I just keep things to myself and stay in my own world all the time. I'm looking forward to live in Sweden, living independently and make it my home in the future. Right now, I'm looking to rent a room in Gothenburg and make some nice cool friends as well. Please, send me a message!

All the best ;)

I sent you a shout in PM ocergbg! :)
I hope I can find some nice friends in Gothenburg...I'm moving really soon there...

Hi Tanya, I'm as well an expat but I know I think I'm fully integrated in the Swedish society, are you up for a meeting or something?

Anyone interested in meeting up? :)
Looks like an old thread, but if anyone is still interested, drop me a message!

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It is indeed an old thread ( 2008 ).

If you wish to organise a meet up, i would advise you to create a new thread on the Gothenburg forum for more visibility.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

How to make friends in Gothenburg in sweden

It is marvelous to have a friend in Sweden.

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