from Vancouver Canada, feeling lonely

Hey, I've been in Goteborg since August 1 2011, and am in desperate need of some Canadian friends. I love the swedes, but they're not always the most open of people, and I'd love to hang out with some young Canadians. Im 23, into art and music. I moved here with my Swedish boyfriend whom I met at art school (Emily Carr in Vancouver)
email me! :) Im available ALL the time.. days and weeks are all blending together - I really need some Canadian excitement.

P.S. I didn't mean to sound like I only want to know Canadians - I want to know ANYONE! :)

Hi Monika E L,

Welcome to! :)

I wish you get lots of new contacts here and share your expat experience with us on the Gothenburg forum. :)

Thank you very much,

We've been here in Sweden for 4 months! Me and My family , still havent gotten into normal life of family and friends yet, i find it difficult in a small town to  fit in!!! It is extremely lönely somedays, we have been discussing ā move to gothenburg might be easier to intergrate with other people and alot more activities for the kids :)

Have you considered moving to Stockholm? I mean I am sure there are nice people in Gothenburg, but just give it a shot. I know a couple of Canadians, one from Vancouver and Americans that are always looking to meet new people. I'm sorry that I don't know of any in the Gothenburg area.

we can keep in touch.
we can be friend.
reply me

Hi ashiquemgt,

Welcome to!

Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you.

Ashique here.
I live in stockholm.
Currently i am studying.
I am in Stockholm since January this year.
I would like to meet with new people and make friends.
My hobby is travelling, playing and swimming.
So, look forward to hearing from you soon.

@ Jo-candadian: wow, Lysekil, yes, that IS a small town! My mom used to live there so I used to go there a bit. I will try to see whether I can get you in touch with her partner's daughter - her (partner's daughter) husband is half Canadian, grew up in Sweden though, and they live in Lysekil. They have a daughter who's 4 - maybe someone you could meet up with. Email me at saraahlstedt[at] and I'll try to find their contact information for you.

We're just outside Norrköping - I'm Swedish, my partner is Canadian. She's from Ottawa and has been here for about 3 years now. We'd be really interested in meeting some Canadians/binational couples around our age (she's 28, I'm 34). Wish we were in Göteborg, Monika! :) I'm from the west coast, used to live in Göteborg, and miss it.

Have you guys checked out in terms of finding some people to hang out with? There are lots of people in the Göteborg area there, mainly Americans, Australians, Brits and Canadians. And check out International Friends of Gothenburg, And the Canadian Club of Sweden (or something similar) on Facebook.

@ Monika

I feel you. My wife and I moved from Montreal/Toronto to Stockholm almost a year ago now and we still feel pretty isolated. My wife is actually dying for some good old fashioned human interaction.

Recently, we managed to hook with these guys:

It's a bunch of expats from all over who still haven't quite figured out how to integrate into Swedish society (like us). Maybe there is such a group in Gothenberg? And feel free to get in touch if you're ever in Stockholm.

Best of luck!

Thank you everyone, I'm definitely going to look into different expat groups that have social functions - ive already got two to go to, which should be good. I find Swedish people to be amazing friends once you get to know them, and that's starting to happen now after three months, it's still the cultural differences and stuff like that that makes you feel like a fish out of water, despite new friendships. Plus, what's with the darkness at 4:30!? That will take some adjustment time!

4:30? That's nothing. Just wait. Or try living up north. :)

haha i think ill skip living in the north - visit yes, but if i can hardly handle Goteborg, the north is way out of the question! how do you do it?

why been lonely ? are you looking towards mr right in your life if yes lets have a conversation on it .

Happy new year.

Hello Everyone. Have a Brilliant 2012 !

hey Monika! australian here(with some canadian blood in me). would be nice to meet other english speaking people in gothenburg. eventho i can speak swedish and i love my swedish mates i miss having mates that are from english speaking countries. let me know if you wanna meet up for a cofffee someday?  :) i live in vasastan (central) at the moment.

Hi Guys, I just moved to Gothenburg this week from Australia and am already starting to know what you mean about feeling a little lonely!! I currently know no one here so would love to meet new people here. Let me know if you would like to catch up sometime for coffee or a drink etc :)

Hey there :D

Connorkent :

Hey there :D

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Hi Lauren! I just read about your profile. Since you ve been in Ghotenburg since 2012 you ve perhaps expanded your social network.. Am newly relocated to Göteborg and am out for new social network. Give a shout out.

I'm from Ottawa and I am lonely here, if you are looking still to make friends let me know!

Hey there, I’ve been here 2 days now and have been feeling the same. I’m only here for about a month, but would like to make friends anyway :) Would you be up to meet over food? Let me know!

Hi Monika

I know somoen whos from Vancouver like you but we are i Växjö

We never know if you visit here;)



i would like we meet and discus i live in canada but i am from Africa now i come here in sweden for study

i speak french and English

please feel free to contact me

best regard

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Hi Monika E L,

I hope you will find your Canadien friends soon.

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