Searching for job in Mexico

Hello .
I'm Melina and I recently moved to Mexico. I'm here with a tourist visa . But soon I'll be  permanent . I'm joking for a job here but I have no idea where I should start looking . It's so hard to find a job when I'm not fluent in Spanish .  Can anyone  help me with that ?

What city in Mexico?

Hi oscar
I live in San Luis Potosí

Hi nice to meet you I live in Monterrey Mexico I think you can find better job here

Nice to meet u too :)
Yes I saw lots of opportunities there but sadly I can't move there :(

It's not too far away

Yea  it's like 2 hours drive from here . It was on the way when I was going to Guanajuato:)

Maybe more than 2 hours it's like 4 or 5 driving but it has more opportunities for artists as you

I'll think  about it more then . Cuz you're right in San Luis there are not much opportunities for artists. That's why  I'm considering other options. But if I want to continue my art I will for sure consider moving to León. Thanks

Hi Melina, I'm Jerry, I think you'll have more opportunities in the most important cities, Monterrey, Guadalajara or Mexico City, or in cultural Cities like Guanajuato

I hope we can keep in touch

Just a note, you aren't allowed to work with a tourist visa unless illegally and you normally can't have a permanent resident VISA unless you start the process in your home country or last resident country.

But, maybe I am wrong.

Adios y buena suerte, GyC.

Sure . We will be in touch .

Hi mexicogc
Oh my mistake I ment temporary . There is a way . Not for permanent visa but temporary staying permit. And it's already in process. I think it will be done in 2 month . I'm marrying my boyfriend who is here by working visa and his company managing the process for me to stay as long as his working here . I don't know if I'm allowed to work after that or not .

Hello merchge
Yes I heard about those cities and I'll have more opportunities there. But unfortunately i can't move to another city. :(

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