Help me find leather goods manufacture or company in Leon, Guanajuato!

Greeting All,

I need help identifying a reliable leather goods manufacture or company in Leon, Guanajuato before I start planning a trip there.  Can any one HELP ME PLEASE!



Already find an anwser? i could help you, just let me know what are you looking, manufacture or a contact to buy some items?

No I didn't find the answer or help... I am looking for a company/manufacture that will make a leather bracelet for me based on my design.  You think you can help ...

no im buying some items to resell, i can ask something about that, prices and conditions, if you like, could you ad me to skype? to talk in more detail. my user name is nunez_ht, regards,

There is a lot of people with your name add me on skype "Fantaea" Fana Abay.


Hello digifotog.

Do not hesitate to recommend this person into the Mexico Business directory. ;)

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All of the previous responders, in my opinion, offer reasonable guidance to your request. 

We can meet you either in Mexico City or Leon, depending upon where you would like to reach with your flights.

     It would help to know what kind of leather product you are trying to elaborate.   Sofa covers, shoes, baseball gloves, purses, jackets, arrow quivers?   In Leon or even Mexico City, anything is possible.   There are producers of mediocre to excellent quality of almost anything.  Touristy stuff, sub-contract work for famous is all possible.   The Mexicans can amaze with the amoung of product they can do, with the quality that flows from their brains and fingers.  However, it can be quite an adventure, but most all agree, producing in Mexico is worth almost any challenge.

     It would behoove you to do a bit of a census of people/businesses where you are who are producing out of Mexico.   As always, a word of mouth, direct experience referral is best.   Otherwise, the next thing is to take your idea in a small briefcase and be prepared to spend AT LEAST two weeks or maybe even three in Leon, Guanajuato and Mexico, D.F., perhaps even some places around Guadalajara, Jalisco.
     Without wishing to insult anyone, since you are a woman, you will employ your intuition about who has the fingers, brains, and moral bearing to address your account.  You will use your experience and your own inspiration in order to both identify what you want to produce and assure yourself that the people with whom you are dealing have the interfacing experience, inspiration, and ability that you need.

    What I do know is that being in Leon, Guanajuato is, in all probability, the best first step in your quest.   Next, is patience.  You will be amazed at the stuff..even the nice mediocre stuff...but especially the higher fashion and higher utility work the Mexican production houses and workers can produce.
     Once again, the previous respondents are making in my opinion reasonable suggestions.   Digifotog lives in Queretaro, which means he is an intelligent person who likes clean and old-fashioned, noble deportment among people.  If it is the same Norwegian he is recommended that I have heard is a sound recommendation.   The problem is fitting things into his schedule.
     I am a bed and breakfast fellow, with a home in a rural area of Mexico.   We have been involved in business and tourism in Mexico for 35 years.   My family has been involved in business, farming, ranching, and other legal pursuits in Mexico since the 1880s : Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, our little bed and breakfast on the skirts of the Sierra Madre Oriental -

From there you can also access my email very easily.

El Gringo Viejo

Dear sir
         I hope u will be fine I need a leather goods  supplier in mexico I waiting for your reply take good care
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Malik Zubair

Would be possible for you to please send me this man's contact info? I am also looking for a realiable leather products manufacturer!

thank you

To whom are you addressing your request?

El Gringo Viejo

Hello, were you successful in finding a leather goods manufacturer in Leon Mexico?  I am looking for one to make my custom handbags and would appreciate any advise/direction you can provide. Thanks!

Anyone here able to refer me to a reliable trustworthy leather goods manufacturer in the Leon Mexico area? If so, please PM me directly with your contact information.


Hello, I read your request and I can help you with a leather vendor in Guanojato Leon.

Anyone who is truly in the leather business in even the least significant way is certainly aware that Leon, and other selected places in Mexico, are famous places for obtaining all manners and all qualities of leatherwork imaginable.  My experience with each of the petitioners who write into this screed is that they are all spammers.  Each time they respond with interminable questions and try to draw personal information.  Most of the ISPs wind up in Red China, or Thailand.  I have tried to help these folks...until it dawned on me, finally, that all manner of strange e-mails and computer glitches began to occur, immediately after.  Thankfully, we have several layers of security on our machines.   Please do yourselves a favour and avoid "helping" these wayward ones.

Sorry to tag onto this chain, but my question sort of fits in.  I own a small combat sports equipment company (boxing, MMA, etc) and would like to explore shifting my boxing glove manufacturing to Mexico, as it is well known that some of the best boxing gloves are made there.  However, I have not been able to find any such manufacturers on the traditional sites like Alibaba.  Are any of you expats living there aware of such a company, that manufactures wholesale/OEM boxing gloves?  I appreciate any feedback and assistance.

Are you in the USA?  Have you checked with  US manufacturers?  There are small manufacturers in the US.  You just need to search them out.  You may pay a little more here but the out of country exoenses add to your "lower cost".  Been there,done that,

Anne, thanks for the reply!  Yes I have searched for US manufacturers.  Unfortunately, the sad fact is that all boxing glove production is done overseas now.  There is not a single major company making gloves in the US any longer.  Everlast, Ringside, Grant, Ring to Cage, you name it, they all get their goods made in either Pakistan or Mexico.  There are individual artisans that do one-off custom work, but not anyone capable of any sort of larger scale production.  All boxing gloves have to be made by hand, and the overall cost of doing this type of work is just too high in the US.  Plus, the quality of overseas goods from places like Mexico and Pakistan is leading the industry - they have essentially taken over - and they have the infrastructure and skill base for this task that we simply don't have anymore.

What is the quantity and the timeframe for getting that?  Let me have a look see.  I haven't had any reason to check lately but I do wholesale MMA uniforms and know there were a couple of small guys doing  sizeable quantities a few years ago. I will be happy to look them up for you.


That would be great if you could help make a connection.  I usually get 100-150 gloves at a time.

What is the quantity of gloves you need and are they pro boxing gloves or MMA gloves?   Where are you located in the US?  I might be able to help you.  Anne Stromberg

I am a small business owner looking to temporarily relocate to Mexico (Leon) to find a good leather manufacturer. I am interested in incorporating leather into a bag design, so need someone who can provide leather that is no bigger than 3 x 3, yet not simply "scrape" leather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias~

I read your post and you seem to be very well informed about several connections regarding leather manufacturers in Leon. I was wondering if you would mind assisting me in finding someone in Leon that could source consistent amounts of leather for my small business? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,

Anne - I make boxing, training, bag, and MMA gloves.  I'm located in Orlando, FL.

I am interested in finding a leather manufacturer for a line of belts, carry bags and purses.
Please let me know if that is something you can help me with.
Thanks so much

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I am located in Texas and looking for a reputable leather maker to make my designs (purses and sandals).  I need someone reliable, honest and does good quality work.  Thanks.

OK No worries - we can do that.

Check out our etsy for examples of products we products;

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adeb06 :

I am located in Texas and looking for a reputable leather maker to make my designs (purses and sandals).  I need someone reliable, honest and does good quality work.  Thanks.

Hi Adeb06

What kind of quantities are you looking for? Do you have the designs for the items prepared?


I am looking for contacts for  small manufacturer(that is to say a very small shop only a few employees) to fabricate high end brief case and satchels of top quality leather with top quality hardware on a semi-custom basis.  I will travel to Leon in the first week of June, 2015. As this is a start up volume will be small initially. Appreciate any contacts you might have.  Thanks.


Don't think that my email address is correct.  "sail01[at]"
Looking for leather goods manufacturer in Leon.


My name is Kevin and I have been working in Leon 2 to3 weeks a month as a leather chemical rep. What type of goods are you looking to produce? My customer base is mostly wet end and finishing of leather and deal with some customers that also manufactur final products and could possibly assist you in your quest
Best regards
Kevin Davidson


I am currently in San Miguel de Allende and I am looking for a leather/suede hat manufacturer. I have had hats made in New York City, but the prices are far too expensive. I was told by a few leather handbag retailers here, that I should go to Leon to have my hats produced. I found a hat maker here in San Miguel, but I don't like the quality in which the hats are made. I want to make a trip to Leon during the 3 weeks that I am still in Mexico to have a few samples made and possibly begin my fall production. I keep hearing that I should just go to Leon and walk up and down a strip to find a manufacturer to replicate my hats, but I was wondering if anyone can provide at least one direct lead? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Will you be able to provide me with at least two factories in Leon that I can visit who work with leather for hats and accessories. i.e gloves, bags, belts etc.

I am looking for a leather artisan in Leon to make a tooled leather purse of my design. Any thoughts or referrals?

Hello Kevin,

I saw that you are currently working in Leon with leather and may have leads on a manufacturer, that can possibly help produce my hat design. Could you please refer me to one or two? as I plan to make a trip to Leon from San Miguel this week. I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.



I see from your posts that you may be able to assist me in my journey. I am from NYC and currently staying in San Miguel de Allende. I am seeking to find a leather hat manufacturer in Leon (as I was informed that is the best place to have my hats produced.) I would like to make a trip to Leon this week, but I want to have at least two leads.  If you can assist in any way I would be so grateful. I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.


Hi tyson.

I am looking for a crafts person/artisan to do tooled leather purses of my design. Were you able to get leads on production in Leon? Thanks and good luck. Lenore

Does anyone know a sourcing agent, or a company that could manufacture leather wallets for me from Mexico?


Where you able to find someone? I am looking for the same thing....

Hello...did anyone find a reliable leather goods manufacturer in Leon, Guanajuato? I need to find someone to help me with making belts in Mexico to import to the USA.

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