Life in merida Mexico

I want to know about life in merida I want to move to live there but I don't know about it and I don't speak Spanish , so please help and tell me about life in merida if is it easiest or hardest. Thanks


First of all Merida is very beautiful and very safe. One of the safest cities in Mexico.
It has a very large expat population, mainly from USA and Canada so you will find a way to speak English there although you should consider learning  Spanish so that you can have a better experience.
Merida is also cheap. Prices are not very high compared to other countries.
Meridians are very friendly, they will make you feel at home.
Food is delicious.
In general life there could be fantastic, all depends on what kind of life do you want to develope there.


Merida is a nice place. It often is hotter than Hell too.

FelipeZapata :

Mérida is a nice place. It often is hotter than Hell too.

That's a consideration in low lying places in Mexico, especially in the South along the Pacific and Gulf coasts.  Acapulco was a steam bath in July.  Veracruz stifling in November, Merida a bit muggy in the same month, same year.

Higher elevations are somewhat cooler but I won't promise anything in light of climate change.
Last year October was quite warm and I felt the desire for AC.  This year I wore a light jacket in the house most of the day and slept in long sleeve PJ's with a blanket instead of just a top sheet.

I visited Mérida once and found it charming with helpful friendly people, but picked Coatepec at almost 4000' because it should be somewhat cooler.  It's smaller and easier to get around without a car, close to the state capital, Xalapa, which has every the small city doesn't and is not too picturesque.  It's a slow paced, easygoing life and there are supposed to be 200 expats in the area though I don't see them on the street or in the restaurants.

Where in Mexico is Merida located.

Way down South on the Yucatan Peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.
Type merida, mexico in the search box

How far from the beach.

Jeez, Kalikred, Google a map. The internet is a beautiful thing.

We just got back from Merida. It is 20 to 30 minutes to Progreso beach which is just North of Merida. It's in the northern part of Yucatan state. Beautiful
White city full of friendly people. Great food too. It is very warm there but we plan to move there next August.

Thank you for your reply,are there many expat's living there and how is the cost of living there.

Yes many expat live there. We met with several during our stay and they all say it's very affordable. They spend one third of what it cost to live in the U.S..

Thank you

It's about 40 minutes to progresso

Anyone have any good ideas on how to get our furniture down to Merida? Or know of any good moving companies that will move you from Texas to Merida.  I'm open to options

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