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Greetings... my name is Ursula. I'm a South African. I have been considering for a long time to relocate to Iceland. Now that my children are independant adults I can start living my life. I am a qualified International Trade Specialist. I currently work in the Import Export field at my SA job. My intention is to move to Iceland alone to start my new life and hope to contribute towards the country's economy using my International Trade skills and knowledge. I am very eager to learn the language in order to do further studies.
Appreciate if I could receive guidance on import Export/international trade related jobs.
I would have to rent accommodation until such time I can afford place of my own.
I have experience dealing with young and teenage children (guidance counseling) as well as taking care of children.
Hobbies are reading & research on topics of interest, nature and outdoor trails, cooking, needle craft, exercise and meditation.

Hi Ursala
I am qualified as and Art director / graphic designer
but I would not mind doing something else at all such as bar work or work at a resort in the winter or summer season.(can provide references)
That might be an amazing opportunity to change my career or take a break.
I can speak English German and Dutch.

I was wondering if you where able to get some feedback/ might be able to give me some feedback or advise of how I can get in contact with the right channels.if you have not yet try alan[at]

Hi there.. thank you for your response.
I haven't received any response as yet.
It's still early days .. perhaps there is long queue.
Thank you for the email address though.

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