Engineering Jobs in Iceland and Permanent Residence status?

Greetings everyone!

I'm currently 19 years old and is an undergraduate-on-the-make in Chemical Engineering. I would love to do my Master's in Sweden(And move to Iceland and settle there) or Iceland(And eventually settle there). I would love to know about the formalities of getting a permanent residence in Iceland as well as the job opportunities in Iceland for a Chemical Engineer.
What about Food processing? How hard is it to get a job?

It's my dream to live in Iceland and I hope you guys out there would help me in realizing it.

Thank you!

permanent residence information can be found here:

chemical engineering.. I don't know so much about that but in other posts asking for specific jobs I've mentioned the chamber of commerce as a good place to get an overview of companies that might be hiring in your field of interest

getting a job from outside the country with no domestic contacts is tricky. It's a small country so a lot of hiring is done through personal contacts. If you've got in-demand skills it goes better though.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Do you mean to say that Business field is better than the technology field in Iceland?
Could you elaborate on what are the in-demand careers in Iceland currently and likely to continue for the upcoming years?

Also, do you recommend me to come to Iceland personally and search for jobs?


I actually don't live in Iceland anymore, so I'm less up-to-date on the in-demand careers as I once was. I work for an Icelandic IT company and we are almost always hiring so I'd say IT jobs are usually still in demand. Other than that, I recommend you learn some Icelandic and try reading some job placement ads like these:

job hunting in person definitely works better than remote searching. I found my job in Iceland through personal contacts, and I know several others who have. My company actually has only advertised for an open position once. All other new hires have come via personal contacts.

Oh, alright. I'm not an expert at IT so that would never work.
I am planning to pursue a career in Medicine, to an extent.

Thank you so much for your valuable reply again. If you come across any further job advertisements, please let me know.

How is Norway? I heard that it is tough to work and study in Norway. Is that so?

Jobs in medicine are relatively more in demand in Iceland but will require learning a good bit of Icelandic.

Studying in Norway does seem to be a bit more difficult than studying in Iceland based on what I've heard. I can't say whether finding a job is more difficult here vs Iceland as I haven't done it myself (I moved already employed). However, the low price of oil has had wide-reaching impacts in the Norwegian job market.

Alright, Thank you so much for your reply.

Shall I text you if there's any other questions?
Thank you so much again.

I am acutually a chemical engineer myself and i was also looking for a job in iceland but no luck have you found any thing

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