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Greetings everyone
I am a Cameroonian based in Dubai, i got a Security job with UDG Securities based in Oman via a third party, who has sent to me a 2 years employment visa. i wish to know if this employment visa is authentic but all efforts to verify online has failed. please i need your help to tell me if this visa is authentic or fake.the information on the visa include
issued date: 2017/05/28
visa number: ***
passport number: ***
nationality: Cameroonian

please an urgent response will be of great help

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Its very simply to verify the visa. Go to Oman Embassy at UAE and get it verified.

Hello Abdurrazaq,

Could you kindly furnish me with some information on how to get a 3 months visit visa to Oman? Aside from visiting my younger sister living there, I would also want to explore business opportunities in the much talked about Oman. 

Thanks so much & warm regards,

Hello my dearest friends in the house I am Cameroonian I have same issues like Nghafor I have Oman employment single visa but I want to confirm it and Oman has no embassy in Cameroon am afraid it can be fake cus Oman visa has 1------6 numbers/ two numbers but mine is 1-----7/2 can this be possible? Please help me
check here.

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