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Hi,everyone.I'm currently living in Alicante.we moved here in March this year .I'm looking for help for my daughter who is 17years old.she is turning 18 years on 25 August Zimbabwe she was in high school in year 9 which they call it form 2.I went to look for a place for school in public school so she can carry on with her school.but we find out that they can't enroll her in school because of her age.I don't know what to do.I want my daughter to continue with school.she was doing well in school and always come highest in all of students of her level.i dont speak Spanish yet only I'm facing a problem of communication with people who work at ministry of education.we can't understand each other.I have some their any way my daughter can continue with high school with her age?looking forward to seeing her going to university.

Thank u.

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Her age, she would just be finishing high school in Europe. I am pretty sure no school would take her on.

But have you looked at local colleges? Am I gathering she does not speak Spanish either? That could also cause some troubles. Best thing is to have a talk with the local college or an Adult learning centre? And see what they have to say.

I pretty sure that there will be someone there that will be fluent in English and that will make it easier for you to understand.

Good luck

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Thank u.Do u have any idea where I can find a college or adult learning Center in Alicante for her?As long they can enroll her to finish high school.The most important for her is to finish her school.

Thank u

This is the government website to (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte or MECD) the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. You will have to get in contact with them to find your nearest one.

Thank u so much for your help.I will contact them tomorrow.

You could potentially get in contact with King's College Alicante and see if they would be interested in taking her on. They are a well known school in Alicante and achieve top results so it may be of interest to you.


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