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Looking at putting my children into Spanish school in September 2017 in torrevieja or surrounding area. They will be 8 and 5 we will have had lessons between now and then so hoping they get on well. Any information on state schools would be great? I also heard that some of the schools are between state and private but cannot work out which ones they are. A good few expats Irish and English in the school would help them settle in.
Many thanks,

Hi, My 2 girls, were educated in Torrevieja, schools.

Most schools now have staff that speak some English, however most help comes from other students.
All lessons are in Spanish, and to be quite honest the education system is poor.
My children were 7 and 2 when I relocated, and I am now going back as I do not want my grand-daughter educated here.

Nothing is free, the school bus now comes with charges, and school meals are not cheap.
The school bus has 2 rates x2 trips ( going and returning ) or x4 ( going and returning x2 - home dinners )
School books etc will cost you an average of 320 euros a year, they do not even supply pens and paper.

No, correspondence to parents is in English, so you will have to have some things translated.

Head lice is vast here, due to the heat, so get prepared and use the 3 step process to avoid it.

Sorry if I have been too honest, but I have been here 20 years, and say it as it is.

I wish you all the best

Thank-you very much for the reply I really appreciate your honesty.
There are a few that things you mentioned that we didn't know so thank-you for that.
Can I ask which school primary school your children attended ? Have you any friends there now with young children attending?
Do you know of any other schools that you would recommend?
Lastly what area in torrevieja do you live?
Many thanks again.

My children attended Rumaaldo Ballester in Los Altos, which is an excellent school.
Secondary schools, my eldest attended IES N-1 and my youngest Ies Mediterraneo N-4, All are the same crap!
I will give you an idea, when my youngest was still at primary they gave a big presentation of the school she would be going to, all with 3D models.

When we got there the first thing you smelt was mold, the inside walls were black with mold and it stank.

The are excellent international schools, ask on FB groups, But they come with a hefty price.

Here is a list of all schools in the area I hope it helps.

Yes I do have friends who have children at school and they all say the same, nothing changes.

Also take on account that there are a lot of saint days in Spain = No school
And in the summer primary school is only in the morning.
Secondary school is only in the morning ( all year)
So of you work, it is another problem.

Good luck

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