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We are considering a move to the Alicante area summer 2017. Our two children will then be 8 and 5 years old. We aw looking to gain some information in relation to the schooling system, both children only speak English although we are keen for them to learn Spanish. Initially we could not afford to pay for schools, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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English schools such as Kings College, or the European School are quite expensive, state schools are all spanish except one called CEIP Costa Blanca that has an english line. Then you have some "bilingual" schools that are private but less expensive but I'm not sure of what percentage of the classes are given in English.
From April onwards i think until June the schools are open to give information on fees and programs so if you are not coming until summer you should know the inscription has to be done before. Maybe you can send them a mail and receive the info.
Most of the english schools are located outside so you would need a car or to ask for the school bus service that might also be a bit expensive.

Hi Joanne

When we moved out many years ago 2003 , our kids were 8 and 4 , they have both been through the State Spanish school no problem ,

It was easier for the young one but they both coped well and now are more Spanish than English , with all Spanish friends ( no other English kids in our village )

One thing to note , which we were totally unaware of is that a lot of lessons were in Valenciano , as well Spanish

Personally I an glad our kids are here in Spain its such a nice place for them to grow up , Although job opportunities may be less here

Any way good luck whatever you decide , pop by for a chat if your in the area !


Thank-you very much for the reply I really appreciate it.
So our business will be based in Murcia so we are hoping to live in and around La Torre /Roldan area I know Thisbe is where Kings College is based but we are hoping for a start school in that area.
The CEIP Costa Blanca is too far to travel unfortunately.
Thanks again,

Thank-you very much for the reply I really appreciate it.
So our business will be based in Murcia so we are hoping to live in and around La Torre /Roldan ,do you know much about this area?
Can I ask where you live?
I'm so glad to hear that all has worked out so well for you all.
We want our children to fully adapt to the Spanish way of life and language they are getting some tutoring at the moment so hoping they won't find it all too much.
Any advice for the big move would be lovely.
Thanks again,

I came to this conversation late and I haven't checked back so my apologies if I repeat things.

In Murcia lots of schools are bilingual in the sense that several subjects are taught in English in a predominantly Spanish environment so it's worth checking what the local, non fee paying schools have to offer.

I used to teach in an academy and one of my students was the financial director of el Limonar school in Murcia and I think they have another in Villamartin. His conversation suggested the school was good though I have no personal experience of it.

My wife used to work in Newton College in Elche where the curriculum is taught in English at least at primary level. If you are interested in Alicante province It may be worth checking if nobody else has mentioned it. Same with the one at Alenda golf which I think is called San Alberto Magno.

None of these are recommendations - just names.

I would recommend King's College Alicante, they are very well known in the area and have a great record, and I believe they teach the British Curriculum. This is a private school however so it will cost.

Let me know if you need any further info!



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