schools in alicante

I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, I'm living in Alicante and am finding nursery places for my 2 year old fine but finding somewhere to take my 4 year old is proving impossible.  Every nursery I speak to doesn't seem to be able to tell me who would take on my 4 year old, surely there must be a school/nursery somewhere! ideally if they could attend the same place that would be great.

Anybody know of any nursery/schools for over 3s in and around Alicante?

Hi there

I am not sure if you have solved your problem but the problem is this. Kids in Spain start school at the age of 3 (Infantil)  so the reason the people you were asking about nursery probably didn't have any good ideas, because all the 4 year olds are in school already. That said, I do know that there is a Montessori and a Waldorf school in Alicante that might accept children of 4 plus there is another Nursery school called "Hormiguitas" (Little Ants) in San Joan that might as well.

I hope you can find somewhere and if you need any more help, please just ask.

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