Relocating to King Abdullah Economic City

Hi All,
I will be relocating to KAEC later this year as my husband was offered a job.
My question is - are there quraan and arabic classes that myself and children can take in the city? So far all my searches only come up with places and tutors in Jeddah.. which would not be feasible to get to every day.

Also - can anyone give me advice on shipping our car to Saudi Arabia? I am hearing a lot of conflicting things and was wondering if anyone has done this. We are coming from USA.


Hi Maryam04,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members shed the light on some of your queries, you might want to read the following thread for information,  How to bring your car to Saudi Arabia.

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Shipped a 2013 pickup from Houston$3400 included insurance
Expats can't own a pickup
My coworker (Saudi national) now owns the pickup, and I am the primary driver
You will have to send to Jeddah, KAEC doesn't have roll in roll out capability
The vehicle has to be less than 5 years old
Shipping time almost 3 months

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