chia seeds at airport

Hi everyone!

How is Jeddah customs with allowing seeds in checked in lugages? I plan to bring chia seeds as i mix it up with some of my foods. I'm not sure where I could buy them in the city since this is my first time! Any input is appreaciated! Thank you!

chia seeds wont be a problem in sha Allaah

Nomprob w chia seeds. You can buy them in JED easily! As well a flax seed, quinoa and more... i suggest if u use spices bring organic supplies!!! And superfood powders like Maca etc ... very expensive here and in UAE. Fyi NUTMEG is banned, google it!! Honestly, had I known, of the few things I would shoulda coulda brought was an articofial evergreen , if you know what I mean. Lol glad the help! Best of luck

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