Hi! Any questions about furnishing a home in Malta? Happy to help!

I just joined even though I have been in Malta for over 25 years. I'm South African but was brought up and schooled in the US.
I worked at HOMEWORKS magazine as editor for roughly 13 years and have just published a book for expats residing in Malta entitled "The Open Book", which aims to help expats navigate their way to furnishing, decorating or renovating a home in Malta.
It would be great to touch base with other expats living here in Malta! I wave the flag for local but do understand the frustrations expats must experience when doing up a home here. If anyone has any questions about home interiors, please don't hesitate to get in touch... I'm happy to help!
Best wishes,

Lisa, we just moved I to a brand new Sliema apartment. It looks nice and everything but it just feels like we're living in a hotel. Any ideas how to change that?

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