Euro, or discount shops?

Hiya all,

In the UK, as many will know, there are "pound shops" or heavily discount shops. These are very common, and are particular good in kitting your home out with glasses, knives and forks and for buying things like chocolate, etc.

I was wondering if Malta has any of these types of shops, and if so, what their names are?


Tal Lira are pretty much everywhere and are similar.


tal lira in Lija, has tal lira jumbo store, 1-5 clothes shop and jb stores all next to each other, and is my go to for all household needs

Google Map

Thanks both!

That Tallira place was pretty bad, 50 cents for anything but it was all junk cept maybe plates, dunno lol. Nothing like a UK low-cost store. We bought some stuff at JB Stores though.

There are two types of tal lira, one does everything under a euro, the other from 2€ to about10€ for household items, sound  like you when to first. I brought a frying pan when first move here 4yrs ago for about 4€ and still going strong. But I agree they are not like uk stores, however the pasta sauce jars for 1€ are great in stews in this cold weather also some of markets are good for this type of thing.

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