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I accidentally happened upon the expat web while searching for something, so glad I did. Im an Indian expat, born in Fiji , currently reside in Oregon USA.  I absolutely love living here, there's so much great food, amazing scenery, and so much to do. I'm going to Paris for a couple weeks this year, super thrilled. No clue what to expect though, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on places to stay in Paris, places to eat, and any other tip. Thanks  for any feedback, much appreciated.

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You can post an ad in the Housing in Paris, giving specific details about your requirements. You can also find on the same page the latest offers concerning the properties available for rent on the market.

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Hey Srickee22

I second Sarvesh in welcoming you to the Forum.

Could you give some more details about what your interests are, what you like to eat. Do you have a big $$ budget while visiting?

This will give other members an idea of what information to give you.

Hi! I'm looking to spend $100-$130/night. I only need accommodation for 5 days beginning September 22. As for food, I'm looking to try the epitome of Parisian cuisine, home cooked style meals that everyday parisians eat. I would also like to try some good quality fine dining experience. Any suggestions help, thanks all!

make a search on airbnb and chose bed/room option

Have a look at airbnb! It's how I found my room in Paris :)

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