i am looking for a partner or job

Hi there
my name is Ali from and living in Iran with 55 years old. I am an accountant, poem, inventor and producer.
I am producing more than 30 kind of goods: like tent and bag...
I am not poor and am not rich.
I would like to go Istannul for seeking a job (accounting or enhlish teacher) or to find a partner for corporation and start a manufactor of product of kind of tents, bags..
i do not any thing about realy life in turkey . I need information and kind friends over there..

Sincerely yours

Hi invetor0020 and welcome on board.

If you're looking for business partners, i'd request you to drop an ad in the Business partners in Istanbul section, giving specific details about your project.

To find a job, please consult the Jobs in Istanbul section to find the latest job offers available. You can also create your resume to help you to get in touch with potential recruiters.

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


Sarvesh team

thank you for guide and lead me.
I will try do your guidence.

Message me and tell me about your needs in more detail.


i need a business partner with money for stablished an start up company.
i am a producer too, with 30 kind of goods like tent, bags,  textsil commode.
i would like to found a business partner or a suitable job before moving to turkey .
sincerely yours

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