Moving to Samui with baby and 2 dogs :-)

Hi All! :-)

We are a young couple (well, relative, mid 30's) with a 1 year old baby and 2 dogs.

Right now we are seriously considering moving for 2/ 3 years to Samui and would love to get some advice from people who have made such a move.

Some questions we could use some help with;

Did anyone bring their pet's along?
What would be the best area (away from seasonal tourist) for a young family? (little upscale)
Any recommendations for international (English speaking) kindergartens?

We are looking forward to connect to people which have made a similar move that could guide us through the basics :-)

Thank you in advance!

I have heard that bringing a pet to Thailand is not a major problem. I believe the only requirement is that all inoculations are up to date and you have the documentation ready at the airport.

I suggest you get a good Thai friends who speaks Thai. Without good support you have a huge learning curve ahead of you. In the Thai culture they may say yes or everything is alright but that can create huge cultural friction. Thai's do not like to admit that they don't know and time is relative in Thailand, unlike with many westerners. I just had my motor bike serviced. It was supposed to take two hours, and ended up taking two days. Everything alright might involve unnecessary spending of money if ALL details were worked out prior to the commitment. There is the Thai/Asian concept that foreigners have unlimited amounts of money. FYI

Hi, the usual advice is obviously to visit the place you intend to stay and tour around to get an idea of where suits you, as you probably know Samui has lots of nice quiet spots which are still close the the main road that goes round the island.

Panyadee is supposed to be a great school, but the Kindergarten was under renovation about 6 months ago, so best to enquire first.

As with anywhere in Thailand, a good set of local friends, Thai and ex-pats will help 'grease the wheels' in any situations. Obviously just expect everything to take a little longer at first, but to be honest, wings and prayers often seem more in abundance here than anywhere else!

Best of luck, let us know how it goes.

Abwveen, do you have big dogs or small dogs?

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