Retiring in Thailand. ( Lamai Ko samui )

Hi. My name is Don Lampre from Qld Australia.  I have been to Thailand twice 2016 & 2017.  In 2017 i attended Anzac Day At Hell Fire Pass and the War Cemetery service at Kanchanaburi and will never forget that day, as i had a 30 yr service in the Australian Army. I am excited to be retiring in Thailand, and looking at first Ko Samui.  I like the Thai culture and the friendliest shown on my 2 previous trips.   I will arrive in Ko Samui on the 7th Sep 2017.  Any help or overings will be greatly received and one would be Accommodation, like 1 Bed, 1 Bath house, condo & villa, six month lease.  I am certainly interested in meeting all people, attending functions, dining, dancing, cars, motor bikes, helping others, assisting with any projects that are going, or starting.  I will not be working as this is retirement time.   Would be happy to communicate with any member of the expat org in Ko Samui.  Once i get settled i will be looking at some form of transportation.   So for the time being that about it as i am 70 yrs young, fit and a caring sort of person.  Regards. Don

Don't visit Koh Tao, known as Death Island

Hi Hugh, Could you explain, (don't visit Koh Tao.   Regards. Lampost

Best of luck with it all, sounds exciting, should be plenty of people with similar backgrounds to you too. Samui sounds like a great place to start.

re:- retirement visa regarding your place of living will a letter from a hotel manager suffice because i am 77 and i am only requiring room service i dont want to own or rent a house !!

Hi Don
It is half way through your 6 month stay..How is it going ? ? Are you managing and are you happy with your move ?
Would like to hear from you and your transition to stay on Samui. I am a yearly regular visitor since 2004 and is looking at making that bigger move...I'm still little apprehensive and is still looking for reinsurance that I am making the right decision.

Lampost :

Hi Hugh, Could you explain, (don't visit Koh Tao.   Regards. Lampost

There were some tourists murdered there.
Don't take counsel of your fears.

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