New to Riyadh. Would like to meet people

Hi guys,  Im from NY, USA and Im new in Riyadh and staying in a hotel right now. I would like to get to know fellow expats.  Maybe socialize over a beer or something.  Can anyone offer an invite to a compound?  Im off from work on Fridays.  Thank you and hope to hear from someone

Welcome to your second home. I hope you are having a good time in Riyadh. My mane's Essa from Riyadh City.
With Regards


I'm relatively new here as well. I arrived in Riyadh on December 2016.

Would love to meet fellow expats here as well and show you around in the little number of places that I have actually visited. Haha

Let me know!

Welcome!!! My hubby and I would love to meet up for a beer...NON-Alcoholic beer....
and share some tips about Riyadh to you....cheers

Maybe there are hosts willing to organize this non-alcoholic beer get-together? :)

Yea sure , i can meet ya for tips and beer lolz
Drop me your number

hey, how are you doing ?    did you guys getthe chance to meet with people in riyadh ? :)

Good morning!

What a type of question that is! :)

I am here in Riyadh since 1991 and never met new people in Riyadh... Same ol' Same ol'

maybe because you are old :P

Not older than u grey-haired man. I am 30 :D

On that part,  I do agree with you. hehe.

always there are people willing to meet you, but you have to look for them

Hi guys
where do you often gathering in riyadh?

You could checkout meetup or Couchsurfing to look for gathering


thank you so much for reply to my question but could you clarify to me the meaning of Couchsurfing
i didn't get it

Hi and welcome, i guess this is a late post but i welcome you again to this wonderful place.

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