Which area is good to live a social life and having new friends in KL

     I am a student and I want to move to KL so I need a suggestion that which area is good for me since I am looking for a social area and the area where I can make new friends, since I am a student so my budget is limited because of which I am looking for a room. And the area near train station will be convinient,

Bukit Bintang

Which school you will attending to?

Subang Jaya is famous for its further studies colleges and universities. You can google the place and check it out...with the newly opened LRT station, going to KL is easy peacy. Moreover, you get to know alot of people in your age group.

Thanks @Cwon15, I just want a social happening area in KL

the worst place to have friends is bukit bintang and i prefer to have a limit friends..

If you are student, try making friends with some students.

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