How to make friends with other expats in ADDIS?

hi............fellows, before I lived in Lafto Mall,south west of Addis and around me its British, Spanish and American, everyday I just say hello but I think they prefer to self-closed? As you just see the cars coming, the security open the gate, the car go in and the gate will be "forever closed" so even I want to make friends with these neighbors, you know it would be good as you can help each other, but I can not find out a way.....  how to solve it?

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Dude i love the fact that your a peoples guy and dont worry this is a country where socialization is the core aspetc of it anyways im yafet a local call me there are a lot of people i know so my buddies could yours to this how we do it anyways xxx is my no chaw

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that is big city live, hahah its easier in the country side. In general it might be easier to visit some known bars, but I can only advise you to go to places which are mixed, Ethiopians and expats.

The old days were much easier, Addis was a village, the number of bars were limited, nowr  days the number is so big that the expats are spread all over the town.

I think good places are
Saturday in the Hilton or use the happy hour at Hilton during the week!
The Bufe La Gare for lunch time, a lot are using this place for a cheap meal, simple but good!
Le Luvre Hotel nice beer garden in the back and used by quite a few expats which are already long time in the country and I never saw a hooker!!!
The Italien Club also quite nice bar in the front with pizza, also hooker free!
The Road Runner, also mixed

of course there are a lot of more trendy bars, more posh, but the chance is higher to meet some xxxx


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